Tournament Notice:

Welcome to the South Central District Tournament

- - - Spring 2024 - - -

Below you will find information as it is created and updated. NOT all information is available on day one. If you have questions, please contact the SCD Board Members. 

Important Items To Note:

>>> All team placement in brackets seen on this page are SUBJECT TO CHANGE prior to the Friday(day before) the the Scheduling Meeting AND an email from SCD Board notifying the brackets are live and final.

>>> Click Standings To See Teams By Flight during season. Click This Link For Flights Prior To Scheduling Weekend

>>> No bracket will have fewer than 4 Teams nor more than 8 Teams.

>>> Brackets with only 4 Teams have 6 Games and not 3 Games. Each Team will play all the other Teams in the Flight both Home and Away. 


The League will have TEN Weeks for League and Friendly Game Play.

SCD League:

  1. Sat, 01/19/2024: Registration Open
  2. Sat, 03/09/2024 11:00 PM: Registration Ends: LAST DAY to Enter Teams Into SCD League
  3. Wed, 03/13/2024: Expected Flights Announced
  4. Fri, 03/15/2024 11:00PM: Team Pairings(Games without Date and Times) Announced
  5. Sat, 03/16/2024 & Sun, 03/17/2024: Scheduling of Games between Team Admins. Please use Email, Phone and Text during the hours of 9:00AM and 9:00PM.
  6. Wed, 03/20/2024 11:00 PM: ALL Dates, Times And Fields To Be Entered (TBD Field is OK at this date). All Teams To Be Activated
  7. Mon, 04/01/2024 11:00PM: All Games Assigned to TBD Fields MUST now be assigned to a Non-TBD Field(a real field) by this Date and Time
  8. Fri, 04/05/2024: Season Starts - First Day of ALL Game Play
  9. Fri, 04/05/2024: T-Shirt Size Form Open - First Day to enter your team's shirt order. ***ALL TEAMS MUST FILL OUT THE FORM*** Click Here Record Your Players T-Shirt sizes
  10. Sun, 05/12/2024 11:00 PM: T-Shirt Order Form Closes
  11. Sun, 06/09/2024: Season Ends - Last Day of ALL Game Play.
  12. Tue, 06/11/2024 11:00 PM: Last Day To Enter Scores

SCD Joe Conte Recreational Tournament:

  1. Fri, 04/26/2024: Registration Opens
  2. Sun, 06/02/2024 11:00 PM: Registration Ends: LAST DAY to Enter Teams
  3. Sat, 06/15/2024: BOYS Play
  4. Sun, 06/16/2024: GIRLS Play

Scheduling Weekend Process/Rules

  • The details about Scheduling including Rules & Procedures For Scheduling Weekend can be found on the SCD League Page and in this Document: CJSA SCD LEAGUE - CLUB SCHEDULING INSTRUCTIONS.
  • Make sure coaches are aware of the REQUIRED scheduling weekend. Clubs will be fined if at least one Team Admin does not actively participate in the Scheduling for their Team(s).
  • Clubs can and will be fined if you do not enter the Date, Time and Field(TBD club field is OK) by Tuesday 11pm after the Scheduling Weekend. There is a Pairing for every Game for your Club Admins(not Team Admins) to see. Club Admins must enter the Date, Time and Field by Tuesday 11PM on ALL Pairings with NO exceptions. The Paring is NOT a Game until the Date Time and Fields are entered. The Paring will NOT show on the SCD League schedule until it is a Game(Date, Time and Field entered). If you want your club and the other clubs to see Games, this must be done by Tuesday 11PM.
  • Each League Games Home Team is required to enter the Score within 24 hours of the completion of the Game. Each League Games Away Team may enter the Score within 24 hours of the completion of the Game
  • SCD Website to answer most of your questions "Click Here"

During the Season

  • Each League Games Home Team is required to enter the Score within 24 hours of the completion of the Game. Each League Games Away Team "May" enter the Score within 24 hours of the completion of the Game.
  • If a Game needs to be Rescheduled(after Tuesday 11pm after the Scheduling Weekend) it must be done using the Rescheduling feature in the system.
  • Team Admins are responsible for replying(Accept, Decline, Propose New) in the system to Game Reschedule requests within 7 days.
  • League Admins may review all Games that are in the Rescheduling process. If a Game is found to be in Rescheduling 7 or more days they may simply Accept the change and require the Teams to play the Game at the New Date, Time and Field.

The SCD League thanks you for your participation.

Follow the link below for the appropriate age group to find your team's age group roster, schedule and results. Please note all schedules are subject to change. If grayed out, the option is not available at this time. To find out the venues, please click on the "Venue Info" below.


Boys Girls
  Champion Finalist     Published
Girls U09 Dev A1 SCD   Brackets   Schedule & Results Shelton FC U9 Girls Black F23/S24 HKSC - U9G - Anderson S24   Standings   Statistics    6/3/2024 6:10:00 AM
Girls U09 Dev B1 SCD   Brackets   Schedule & Results Orange U9G White S24 North Branford U9 Girls S24   Standings   Statistics    6/10/2024 4:34:00 PM
Girls U10 Dev A1 SCD   Brackets   Schedule & Results       Standings   Statistics    6/10/2024 4:58:00 PM
Girls U10 Dev B1 SCD   Brackets   Schedule & Results       Standings   Statistics    6/19/2024 4:26:00 AM
Girls U10 Dev C1 SCD   Brackets   Schedule & Results       Standings   Statistics    6/10/2024 4:18:00 PM
Girls U10 Dev C2 SCD   Brackets   Schedule & Results Branford U10 Girls White S24 - Fenn East Haven U10 Girls S24   Standings   Statistics    6/10/2024 6:02:00 PM
Girls U11 Comp A1 SCD   Brackets   Schedule & Results Southington U11G Storm S24 North Haven Thunder U11 Girls S24 Standings Statistics    6/12/2024 6:42:00 PM
Girls U11 Comp B1 SCD   Brackets   Schedule & Results Oxford U11G S24 Wallingford U11 Girls Wild - F23/S24 Standings Statistics    6/10/2024 6:34:00 AM
Girls U11-12 TrRec A1 SCD   Brackets   Schedule & Results     Standings Statistics    6/19/2024 8:34:00 AM
Girls U11-12 TrRec B2 SCD   Brackets   Schedule & Results     Standings Statistics    6/10/2024 9:23:00 AM
Girls U12 Comp A1 SCD   Brackets   Schedule & Results Southington U12G Thunder S24 West Haven U12 Girls F23 S24 Standings Statistics    6/9/2024 5:30:00 PM
Girls U12 Comp B1 SCD   Brackets   Schedule & Results New Haven 12U Girls S24 HKSC - U12G - Lundt S24 Standings Statistics    6/9/2024 4:42:00 PM
Girls U13 Comp A1 SCD   Brackets   Schedule & Results Wallingford U13 Girls - Eagles - F23/S24 Naugatuck U13G - F23/S24 Standings Statistics    6/12/2024 10:26:00 AM
Girls U14 Comp A1 SCD   Brackets   Schedule & Results Milford U14 Girls - Blue S24 North Haven Storm U14 Girls S24 Standings Statistics    6/10/2024 1:30:00 PM
Girls U14 Comp B1 SCD   Brackets   Schedule & Results Orange U13G S24 West Haven U14 Girls F23 S24 Standings Statistics    6/3/2024 5:54:00 AM
Girls U13-15 TrRec A1 SCD   Brackets   Schedule & Results Orange U15G S24 New Haven 15U Girls S24 Standings Statistics    6/10/2024 4:18:00 PM
Girls U13-15 TrRec B1 SCD   Brackets   Schedule & Results Ansonia U15 Girls S24 Shelton FC U14 Girls White F23/S24 Standings Statistics    6/18/2024 4:58:00 PM
Girls U19 Comp A1 SCD   Brackets   Schedule & Results Shelton FC U18 Girls S24 Guilford U19 Girls S24 Standings Statistics    6/19/2024 6:58:00 AM