Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the SCD League 2024 Spring tournament for the age group.
Boys U11 Comp B2 SCD 8 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Orange Soccer Association/Amity Soccer Club
Orange U10B Gold S24
SC09-01CB14-0029   Shane Lowe
 A2 Soccer Club of Guilford
Guilford U11 Boys White S24
SC0S-01CB13-0047   Garfield Robinson
 A3 Oxford Soccer League
Oxford U11B S24
SC0F-01CB13-0008   Bouchard David
 A4 Sterling Advanced Futbol Club
Sterling AFC - U11 (2013) Boys S24
SC12-01CB13-0010   Pasian Longwa
 A5 Wallingford Youth Soccer
Wallingford U11 Boys Lightening - F23/S24
SC05-01CB13-0001   Vinicius Lelis
 A6 Branford Soccer Club
Branford U11 Boys S24 - Pastore
SC03-01CB13-0011   Jeremy Pastore
 A7 Cheshire Soccer Club
Cheshire SC Red BU11 S24
SC07-01RB13-0035   Brian Collins
 A8 Milford United Soccer Club
Milford U11 Boys - Blue S24
SC0I-01CB13-0033   Stephen Bell